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Mobile Commerce Development

Mobile Commerce Development (mCommerce Development)

Many companies require that their various customers know or experience how M-commerce applications run comfortably as possible. Mobile commerce developers develop the applications in such a way that retailers have an excellent opportunity to influence the sales chain to the largest. Therefore, developers are always encouraged to develop a complete application functionality.

Mobile App Development in Singapore

What is mCommerce?

Mobile Commerce is the institution through which you can trade with your mobile device. This may include mobile phones, smartphones or other mobile devices. It is popularly known as M-commerce. The development of technology has given a new start for mobile devices. Mobile Tools have made work so easy. Many companies choose mobile commerce so that they can reach their potential customers in minutes. In fact, this is the type of transaction in which ownership and right are being transferred, so you can use the products or services via your mobile device. M-commerce has become the new trend for every company in Singapore.

Some Advantages of mCommerce (mobile commerce):

  1. Convenience – It serves as a portable device that allows storage of information and data. You can access the data stored at any time you want.
  2. Accessibility: your mobile device provides contact information, regardless of time and place.
  3. Security: Mobile Commerce also provides security, depending on the device used by the end user.
  4. Instant connectivity: 3.5 / 4G network provides you the fastest Internet gateway. This was due to the emergence and appearance of GPRS or EDGE.
  5. Personalization: Unlike the desktop or laptop computer, a mobile device belongs to a particular user. This means that the user can do anything without worrying about compromising important information.
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Application of Mobile Commerce (M-commerce):

There are various ways of applications of mobile commerce, here are some very popular once –


  • For Mobile Ticketing: with the help of this technology, tickets can be sent directly to mobile devices. Now, users can use their tickets by presenting their devices in places or venues. This program is linked to the promotional side of the business enterprise.
  • Showcase Mobile/Mobile storefront – This application allows users to browse for products and services that are categorized under catalogs and get the necessary information about the product.
  • Mobile Banking: This program is indirectly related to the sale of products or services, where there are several options available to perform mobile payments. Payment methods include: direct mobile billing, credit card payments, payment via SMS, etc.
  • Mobile advertising: This program allows marketers to take advantage of channels to manage direct marketing campaigns. It is reported that these campaigns are very effective in targeting younger representatives.

The uses of m-commerce application:

There are many benefits and advantages of m-commerce applications. Many industries in terms of mobile applications are being affected and are used in various fields. The Industries and fields that mostly uses m-commerce include –

  • Financial sectors: mCommerce applications are widely used in the financial sector, and includes a number of financial companies, banks, brokers, exchanges, etc. These programs are used where the user needs all kinds of financial and banking services. Users are allowed to transfer money, pay bills directly from their mobile devices, access to stock quotes, get the current status of trade and more.
  • Services: These are the main sectors that use mCommerce applications much. Several companies’ deals are being ended on the mobile phone. Users can even book, order or rent serviced directly from their device.

Information Technology: mCommerce applications is heavily used in the IT sector for the provision of financial news, sports figures, traffic updates and many others.

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Mobile commerce (or mCommerce) was impending; it arrival was inevitable. Recent reports show that the use of mobile Internet will soon take over the use of Internet on desktop and laptop by 2018.

While standing on the brink of a major paradigm shift “moving to mobile” is nothing more than a very intelligent game plan. However, if you look closer, the strategy behind mobile commerce is not complex. This is only the transfer of existing sites to the wireless device. Audience target in m-commerce is different from audience target in electronic commerce when compared together. The sole aim of m-commerce is to improve ROI via an electronic transaction.

Technology will continue to improve, adoption rates will skyrocket and huge profits in the balance sheet for companies embracing m-commerce. What will your company do?

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