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Mobile App Maintenance in Singapore

Website design and development of mobile applications gives credibility and shape to a site, and to maintain and improve in this way, it takes maintenance and regular support. Not only is it sufficient to develop a mobile application, schedule or program the site, host it, but ongoing maintenance is necessary to maintain and update the apps,  free of glitches and optimal performance level. However, we should not mistake site maintenance with a redesign of mobile application. Maintenance of mobile applications has more to do with the continued support of content changes, images, or update of information and data.

For people without experience, the need for more support and maintenance of applications comes to fixing bugs, which most smartphone user or PC tablet user witness regularly. This is not correct. There are a number of activities, opportunities, and responsibilities that a support and maintenance company actually offer. Essentially, they care for all aspects of the application and website.

In addition, other activities under site support and maintenance are Error correction Fix, bug fixing, Fix broken links, correcting Text wrongly misspelled, putting Page titles, adding a new web page, Making sure all types of program files are working fine and lot more.

While for the mobile app, most modern mobile applications are usually client-server applications, so that a web presence or background services is indisputable. Therefore, there is a need for updating; it occurs even in simple software products and applications such as books and a flashlights application.

Without a dedicated maintenance support for mobile apps, apps can fail to function regularly and credibility may be affected.  Here are two important things that your mobile application support and maintenance company can do for you:

  1. First Responding to Emergencies

This installation deserves an independent view. Clashes of an online process can be a reason for immediate response, for example, if there is a risk of a security breach. Errors in logic can be even worse than the shocks – they will need cleaning. A serious problem can occur at any time, and it is the task of your support and maintenance company to maintain, treat and eliminate the problem as soon as possible – then they make an update to assure users that everything is set and placed in order. With a good service of a support and maintenance company, your mobile app or website will hardly experience any of this breaches.

support & maintenance for your mobile app
mobile app maintenance services in Singapore

2. Correcting/Fixing Bugs

  1. There are many possible situations when you need to fix reported errors, as in the case of mobile applications: a new hardware screens with different power performance, Updates API, platform upgrades, or changes in their business environment. These provisions may not be an emergency, however, you need someone to do the job.

    Yes, every serious company corrects all errors from time to time, they fix bugs issues from time to time: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and even Apple. Also, it should be noted that the updates for all purposes are good. Users like updated apps. They like to know that their favorite app is up to date and taken care of. Updates help to improve the rating of your mobile application.

    Also, updating and fixing bugs on your website improves your sites SEARCH ENGINE RANKING and reduces your sites Bounce Rate, breathing a new life into your website.

In Conclusion,

These are the benefits that come with having a website that is properly maintained and how to maintain it properly. If your site has a lot of traffic or you are just starting out, it is advisable to hire a company dedicated to taking care of the maintenance and support management of your mobile applications and websites.

We are the web and mobile app support & maintenance company based in Singapore, we design, develop, and provide support & maintenance for your websites and custom mobile applications. If you are looking for a website or mobile app support & maintenance services in Singapore or anywhere else in the world we are the perfect company for you. We not only design your mobile app or site for you, we also help you keep it in perfect shape by maintaining and giving you full support.

mobile app support in Singapore

Our outstanding services include:

  • Bespoke Codes: A code which we use to provide all the necessary services for website maintenance and mobile app maintenance.

  • We provide hosting services for website and mobile apps.

  • We take care of enterprise app infrastructure, database backup, and security layers.

  • We ensure that your app is compatible with new OS system and running smoothly in any new environment.

  • We provide premium quality services to all our clients with all satisfactory elements.

  • We have dedicated a team for support and maintenance who are available 24/7.

  • We have dedicated helpdesk for support and maintenance issues as we do not want unhappy clients.

  • End to end service for website maintenance, app-related issues, bug fixing, backend errors, and other necessary matters.

  • We also offer mobile device management solutions for our clients and we are working with leading MDM solutions provider.

  • Our professional services is inclusive of hosting setup, hosting maintenance, hosting support, scalable hosting, help desk & support and apps maintenance.  We make sure your app is up and running all the time.