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Mobile App Cost

Costing of Mobile App Development or App Developer Singapore Cost

There are various factors involved to derive at the mobile app cost, which is associated with the mobile app costing and prices. Clients always ask the prices when they enquire about app development cost in Singapore. Some major consideration and clarifications are below:

  • How many platforms are you looking for? (iOS, Android, Windows etc.)

  • App features and functionalities

  • UIX designs and app prototype

  • App 3rd party integration (for example CRM integration, payment integration etc.)

  • Development timeline; the more sooner you need, the higher the cost will be due to the increase in resources required to meet the timeline.

  • Changes in the flow and features during the requirement gathering and development will incur additional costs.

  • App maintenance and support (if any).

Bespoke Codes keeps in mind all of the above considerations before issuing a mobile app quote. Our team of business analysts only issues the mobile app quote after understanding the client’s requirements, analyse the complete flow, and features of the mobile app and provide the feedback. Therefore, there is no room for uncertainty or confusion once Bespoke Codes kicks off the project and ensures the mobile app project is running smoothly and deployed on time.

Another important issue is timeline. Usually companies’ issue 3-6 months’ timeline as they have a handful of projects to complete at a time therefore they are unable to deliver the project early. At Bespoke Codes, every client has equal rights whether it is a small or big project. We are committed to try our best to complete the project on time as per the official issued mobile app costing, as we are aware of all the entrepreneur, start-up and investors issues, which some companies may be facing.

Support and Maintenance cost of Mobile App

iOS and Android OS are updated time to time, therefore it is essential that the mobile app should be compatible with the newer version of OS. In this case, maintenance is essential for the mobile app. However, this is flexible and we can issue the app maintenance cost based on the client’s budget.

Support is optional but you cannot deny the importance of mobile app support especially if you have a large user’s engagement with your mobile app. It helps you to keep your app’s performance up to date, bug fixing, server updates, cache, and crash issues. Having a support package ensures you a peace of mind as there will be someone to take care of the unnecessary app issues and you can shift your attention to your business. Bespoke Codes has a dedicated support helpdesk for our clients with flexible app maintenance cost packages.

There is nothing to worry about mobile app development cost as we always guide our clients during the initial meeting and we keep things black and white and upfront rather than hiding and revealing after getting the initial deposit, which other mobile app development companies are doing. Technology is our passion and we do not play with our passion, client’s sentiments, and weaknesses.